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District Business Associates

DBA is the "back-bone" of our district business operations and acts like local partner of the Company. Basic profile of DBA is to represent the Management at district level for overall administration & public relationship. We are proud to build a strong network of DBAs across 250 districts in 14 States. Our Associates are partnering the Company for agro-economic growth of their respective districts. State & District wise DBA particulars are available as under:

State wise list of District Business Associates

Andhra Pradesh

Dist. Krishna
DBA Name: G. Satish Babu | Mobile No.: 8328003778

Dist. Nellore
DBA Name: Bhaskar Gurijala | Mobile No.: 9059485279

Dist. Vishakhapatnam
DBA Name: Indukuri Ravi Raju | Mobile No.: 8639786589

Dist. East Godavari
DBA Name: Buddaraju Rama Krishna Raju | Mobile No.: 9949772242

Dist. Kurnool
DBA Name: P. Pavan Kishore | Mobile No.: 8073736159


Dist. East Champaran
DBA Name: Chandan Kumar Singh | Mobile No.: 8873121529

Dist. Rohtas
DBA Name: Anil Kumar Tiwari | Mobile No.: 9560620434

Dist. Purnea
DBA Name: Uday Jha | Mobile No.: 9546662578

Dist. Gaya
DBA Name: Ganesh Sharma/Shano Sharma | Mobile No.: 9709449232

Dist. Bhojpur
DBA Name: Pradip Kumar Pandey | Mobile No.: 9463316074

Dist. Buxar
DBA Name: Raghubar Pandey | Mobile No.: 9431098802


Dist. Bemetra
DBA Name: Sathi Multitrade | Mobile No.: 990040340

Dist. Bilaspur
DBA Name: Vinod Kumar Rathore | Mobile No.: 9826113223

Dist. Dhamtari
DBA Name: Arvinder Mundi | Mobile No.: 9669766000

Dist. Durg
DBA Name: Santosh Rawat | Mobile No.: 9301133108

Dist. Korba
DBA Name: Tajeender Singh Dhanda | Mobile No.: 9827921451

Dist. Mahasamund
DBA Name: Amberish Shieorey | Mobile No.: 9826751001

Dist. Raipur
DBA Name: Anupam Pandey | Mobile No.: 7000967304

Dist. Rajnandgaon
DBA Name: Abhishek Sharma | Mobile No.: 9827194904

Dist. Surguja
DBA Name: Somendra Pratap Kushwaha | Mobile No.: 8120195096


Dist. Amreli
DBA Name: Malviya Jagdishbhai Premjibhai | Mobile No.: 6352383967

Dist. Bharush
DBA Name: Anilkumar Ramanbhai Patel/Ashokbhai Ambala Patel | Mobile No.: 9879663211

Dist. Dang
DBA Name: Kalpesh Lalitbhai Malviya/Bagul Ashishabhai Vinayakbhai | Mobile No.: 7984012184

Dist. Tapi
DBA Name: Patel Jenishkumar Bharatbhai | Mobile No.: 9925964368


Dist. Latehar
DBA Name: Mukesh Agrawal | Mobile No.: 9471535799

Dist. Palamu
DBA Name: Hridya Nand Mishra | Mobile No.: 7352182535

Dist. Ranchi
DBA Name: Anup Kumar Verma | Mobile No.: 9431325339


Dist. Bagalkot
DBA Name: Ravikumar V. Jamakhandi | Mobile No.: 9538274639

Dist. Bijapur
DBA Name: Rudragouda Siddaraddi | Mobile No.: 9739192020

Dist. Belgaum
DBA Name: Vijaykumar Mohan Shintre | Mobile No.: 7975737349

Madhya Pradesh

Dist. Betul
DBA Name: Amarjeet Singh Dhanjal | Mobile No.: 7000647167

Dist. Chhindwara
DBA Name: Charles Dekens Daniel | Mobile No.: 7999785563

Dist. Jabalpur
DBA Name: Sanjana Sheorey | Mobile No.: 9926687674

Dist. Rewa
DBA Name: Praveen Kumar Mishra | Mobile No.: 9522343667

Dist. Sagar
DBA Name: Rajesh Parashar | Mobile No.: 9425451452

Dist. Satna
DBA Name: Dinesh Kumar Shukla | Mobile No.: 8269951844


Dist. Akola
DBA Name: Prashant Prakash Raut | Mobile No.: 9881934409

Dist. Amravati
DBA Name: Uday Prkash Basole | Mobile No.: 9975025057

Dist. Chandrapur
DBA Name: Sayyad Habib Sayyad Ali Jaan Khan | Mobile No.: 7020954949

Dist. Gadhchiroli
DBA Name: Pochreddi Bommawar/Pochreddi Buchyya Bommawar | Mobile No.: 8928351848

Dist. Nagpur
DBA Name: Ravinder Singh Babrah | Mobile No.: 8983333669

Dist. Wardha
DBA Name: Vivek Vitthal Rao Hood | Mobile No.: 9850696678

Dist. Washim
DBA Name: Yogesh Shivnandanlal Jaiswal | Mobile No.: 7798504777

Dist. Yavatman
DBA Name: Ketan Dayaram Shinde | Mobile No.: 8983252984


Dist. Koraput
DBA Name: Manoj Bahinipati | Mobile No.: 8328943336

Dist. Sundargarh
DBA Name: Md. Alamgir | Mobile No.: 9777342016


Dist. Ajmer
DBA Name: Hitendra Pareek | Mobile No.: 9414484353

Dist. Alwar
DBA Name: Manoj Joshi | Mobile No.: 8696828333

Dist. Bharatpur
DBA Name: Parmendra Singh | Mobile No.: 9649094555

Dist. Bharatpur
DBA Name: Uttam Singh | Mobile No.: 9414355601

Dist. Chittorgarh
DBA Name: Vijay Kumar Mali | Mobile No.: 9602655505

Dist. Dholpur
DBA Name: Imran Qureshi | Mobile No.: 9694809786

Dist. Udaipur
DBA Name: Sulekha Shukla | Mobile No.: 9602408730

Tamil Nadu

Dist. Coimbatore
DBA Name: C.K. Balraj | Mobile No.: 8489490884

Dist. Dindigul
DBA Name: A Sasi Kumar | Mobile No.: 9443038327

Dist. Karur
DBA Name: Jawahar P. | Mobile No.: 9894095759

Dist. Namakkal
DBA Name: C. Prabhu | Mobile No.: 9486113367

Dist. Salem
DBA Name: K. Dhanashekhran | Mobile No.: 9655564999

Dist. Theni
DBA Name: Senthil Kumar | Mobile No.: 9443953994

Uttar Pradesh

Dist. Allahabad
DBA Name: Akhileshwar Mishra | Mobile No.: 9451969252

Dist. Azamgarh
DBA Name: Raghvendra Pratap Singh/Priya Singh | Mobile No.: 9889995533

Dist. Ballia
DBA Name: Prabhu Narayan Singh | Mobile No.: 9450815311

Dist. Deoria
DBA Name: Ramashankar Tiwari | Mobile No.: 9450671074

Dist. Etah
DBA Name: Achuyatanand Pandey | Mobile No.: 9458040540

Dist. Firozabad
DBA Name: Santosh Vashistha | Mobile No.: 9058429030

Dist. Kushinagar
DBA Name: Mrityunjaya Mishra | Mobile No.: 8858945981

Dist. Mirzapur
DBA Name: Govind Tripathi | Mobile No.: 9838044061

Dist. Pratapgarh
DBA Name: Achyut Shukla | Mobile No.: 8318988734

Dist. Sonbhadra
DBA Name: Suryakant Dwivedi | Mobile No.: 99956300826

Dist. Sultanpur
DBA Name: Ravindra Pratap Singh | Mobile No.: 7376601889

Dist. Varanasi
DBA Name: Vinay Pandey | Mobile No.: 9453190803

West Bengal

Dist. Burdwan
DBA Name: Jr. Stuart Guha | Mobile No.: 9564812770

Dist. Hoogly
DBA Name: Abhijeet Mazumdar | Mobile No.: 9874817010

Dist. Purulia
DBA Name: Manab Tirkey | Mobile No.: 9609633708

Dist. Nadia
DBA Name: Vempati Shekhar | Mobile No.: 7797501426

Dist. North 24 Parganas
DBA Name: Pradeep Saha | Mobile No.: 8017398972


227 farmers joined us
17 December 2018
Tie-up with Chinese Company
23 November 2018
6 new DBAs in our team
22 December 2018



Chinese companies would be pleased to join this mega project of Dhavalas
23 November 2018
India's farmer cooperatives should take this project to their members
7 December 2018
DBAs are the backbone & local partners of our Company
20 December 2018
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