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Agribusiness Consortium
Consulting Services
Execution & Implementation

1 Maitri Marg, Maitri Kunj Bhilai

Group Companies

Group Companies

The Organization comprises of consulting as well as non-consulting business units, each one complementing the activities of the other. The names of these units are as under:
Group Holding Company
  •  Dhavala Associate Management
         Services (P) Limited
Project Mgmt Company
  •  Dhavala Agribusiness      Consortium Limited
Group CSR Division
  •  Dhavala Foundation
         (a registered NGO)
Consulting Companies

      Dhavala Consultants (P) Limited

      Dhavala Law Advisors (P) Limited

      Dhavala Consulting & Advisory (P) Limited

      Dhavala Technologies (P) Limited

      Dhavala Agriscience Consultants (P) Limited

Execution Companies

      Dhavala Greenearth Solutions (P) Limited

      Dhavala Material Junction (P) Limited

      Dhavala Infra-Engineering (P) Limited

      Dhavala Agro-Commerce (P) Limited

      Dhavala Millers & Processors (P) Limited

      Dhavala Irrigation Projects (P) Limited

      Dhavala Logistics Combine (P) Limited

      Dhavala Retail-Deals (P) Limited

      Dhavala Warehousing (P) Limited

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