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The Management

The Management of this Organization comprises of three functional bodies - Board of Directors (Group Holding Company); Group Advisory Board (for overall guidance & appraisal of group business through independe execution companies); Group Executive Board (Independent Execution Companies, headed by Executive Director & Division CEOs). The Board Members, having vast exposure & expertise in various fields, provide excellent guidance to the team of professionals down the line.

Our Top Management Team

Directors & Advisors

Board of Directors

    • Mr. Vijay Dhavala
    • Mr. V C Dhavala
    • Mrs. Srilata Dhavala

Group Advisory Board

    • Dr. H N Sharma
    • Mr. Vijay Dhavala
    • Mr. R K Sharma
    • Mrs. Ranjana Muley
    • Mr. S K Kundu
    • Mr. R K Tewary

Group Executive Board

    • Mr. Vijay Dhavala
    • Mr. Pramod Mishra
    • Mr. Jayan Menon
    • Mr. Subir Ranjan Das
    • Dr. Praveen Tandon
    • Mr. Ravi Shankar Gupta


227 farmers joined us
17 December 2018
Tie-up with Chinese Company
23 November 2018
6 new DBAs in our team
22 December 2018



Chinese companies would be pleased to join this mega project of Dhavalas
23 November 2018
India's farmer cooperatives should take this project to their members
7 December 2018
DBAs are the backbone & local partners of our Company
20 December 2018
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