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Integrated Agro Farming System

About the Project
The Organization is promoting a very ambitious Integrated Agro Farming Project across India for inclusive social & economic development of farmers. We are providing comprehensive one stop end to end solutions to farmers for all their financial, technical, marketing and other needs. Project aims to cover about 100000 plus farmers from about 250 districts across 14 states of India. Idea behind the Project The Agro Project aims at inclusive social & economic development of farmers. The idea is to improve farmer's productivity significantly, maximize profitability and minimize risk:

  •    By adapting more scientific & technology driven Integrated Agro Farming System;
  •    By providing complete knowledge support through professional services;
  •    By creating a seamless supply chain to eliminate the long chain of middlemen.

What We Do
We provide one stop, end to end solutions to farmers, by way of:

  •    Consulting Services from soil testing to pre & post harvest management.
  •    Supply of farm infra development materials.
  •    Agro engineering & project management.
  •    Supply of farm consumables.
  •    Buyback of major agri produce for resale.
  •    Food processing & Warehousing of agri produce.

Returns to the Farmer
We see a very long term inclusive socio & agro economic growth of the State with this project. The project brings all the related parties at one common platform. The direct benefits to the Farmers are as under:

  •    Under the Integrated Agro Farming System, the average minimum annual income      would be 4 times higher than the traditional farming system.
  •    The farming risk would be reduced greatly under the Integrated Agro Farming System.
  •    Elimination of middlemen reduces costs on input and increases revenue from output.

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